AGM Power Systems provides
    Installation Services
    Maintenance Services
    in addition to being able to help you make the right decision in selecting the correct generator for your specific requirements.

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    "We offer personalized service to facilitate repairs, service and modifications to your emergency generator".

    • Complete service repair and overhaul of engine-generators on location or at our Facility.
    • Oil change, filter change, lube oil and fuel oil samples taken for analysis. Complete fuel cleaning and polishing service available.
    • Cooling system service, adjustment and replacement of fan belts and hoses, 50/50 premix coolant and troubleshoot heating problems.
    • Tune ups, complete adjustments to manufacturer's specifications.
    • Ignition system or diesel fuel injection systems.
    • Load Controls and L.P. carburetion, air/fuel ratio set up and exhaust gas emission analysis available.
    • Emergency power system site surveys, review of new and old power system installations to assist in system improvement and up-grades.
    • Troubleshoot, diagnostics and repair of single and multi-unit power plants including generators, voltage regulators, transfer switches, auto start-stop systems and generator parallel control.
    • Adjust and set up load sharing, cross current, reverse power relays, power factor controllers and industrial processors, electronic speed control set up and conversions.
    • Hands on start up on new or reworked power plants, including bringing up new engine/generators, electronic governors, voltage regulation systems, control systems and heat recovery or cooling systems.
    • On site load bank service, 60Hz and 400Hz, any kW rating, reactive or resistive portables.
    • Size engine/generator day tanks, batteries, mufflers, chargers and control panels.
    • Innovative Maintenance Contracts based on Customer's plant operation and the Customer's individual needs. Annual PM through daily services offered.
    • Documentation and history of all repairs made to the Customer's equipment.
    • Fully equipped service vehicles, including various analyzing equipment and diagnostic tools. These tools are designed to aid in quick repair and reduce troubleshooting time. We also have on hand a supply of electrical parts to expedite emergency repairs.